Hangover Cure

After a fabulous dinner, and a few too many drinks, the night before; we were up with the brunch crew to try out a highly reviewed breakfast spot.  Eggs and Co. served up the best Eggs Florentine that I have ever had, pancakes as thick as a book that tasted just like crepes and mimosas with fresh squeezed bright OJ that went down a lot easier than I expected 😉


After a delicious meal, we cruised the art galleries and shops of Boulevard Saint-Germain, strolled down the Seine and made sure to stop along at nearby cafes to sip a glass of wine and people watch (which was our favorite thing to do!)

Found my first (of many!) Space Invader street art on this trip:


So apparently they took down all the locks on the bridge across the Seine near our apartment.  Looks like that didn’t stop everyone from attaching locks to everything else around there 😉


I love that they even sell locks, right in front of the bridge.  So French!


We also stumbled on to a very Parisian sounding band playing right outside Paul Boulangerie.  I fell into tourist trap with glee!

That night I wanted to see what the new young French chefs of Paris were up to, so we looked around for a modern Parisian hot restaurant, and Spring did not disappoint. Although this French Chef was actually from Chicago, the food was fun and tasty and they even had a vegetarian tasting menu.  This, of course, did not stop me from trying Jeff’s foie gras 😉  Afterwards we strolled towards the Eiffel Tower for a night cap and ended the night with views of the most gorgeous building in the world.


La Tour Eiffel, so beautiful ❤



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