A day in Delhi

We had one last free day before the business part of this business trip started and we charted out a full day in Delhi. As it turned out most of what we wanted to see was closed for one reason or another so we scrapped the agenda and winged it. We started the day with a trip to The Garden of Five Senses, a 20 acre city park. In a city of 14 million people finding a secluded romantic spot to escape to must be almost impossible. It turns out that all young couples flock to this park which Meg and I renamed make out mountain.  Hidden among the walking trails, the bizarre artwork and the occasional camel must have been 100 couples trying to find some privacy. We enjoyed walking through the park taking pictures but I’m not sure they enjoyed it as much.

A cool elephant sculpture greeted us at the park entrance
There was a grove where couples would carve their names into leaves. And hide in the plants to make out.
The “bell tree” was one of the cooler pieces
The “praying children” statues would have been a lot less creepy without this repair job. This will haunt my dreams.


After the park we went to Khan Market for a little shopping
Then we drove around Embassy Row and the school I went to in Delhi, the American Embassy School. It was fun to show Meg the source of so many of my childhood stories (aka, scene of the crime).
Inside the school (taken by me on my last trip to Delhi)



Sikander Lodi’s Tomb inside Lodi Gardens


And the house I lived in, the C block of Vasant Vihar


We stopped for a drink at the Oberoi where you can sip your cocktail by the reflecting pool.
After dinner we decided to make friends with the artwork in our hotel. Yes, we might have had a few drinks with dinner!



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