The road to Agra is paved with good intentions

Meg and I woke up early today ready to grab a quick breakfast and head out on our big adventure, an overnight trip to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. As I sit in our room at the Oberoi Agra, the nicest hotel I’ve ever seen much less stayed in, I’m happy to be here, happy to be with my amazing wife and after the day we had frankly just happy to be alive ūüôā You kicked our butts today India!

I expected the out-of-control¬†crazy traffic, the constant sounds of honking horns, the feeling of guilt as we got¬†chauffeured past some really poor villages. What I didn’t expect was to see the end result of a fatal accident (car meets pedestrian). To have a¬†monkey wielding lunatic rip open Meg’s door demanding money because we took a picture of his monkey while his cobra charming¬†comrade banged on my window¬†for the same. To have a tire of a nearby semi-truck explode so loudly that we felt it in¬†our chests and thought it was an IED. To have a¬†grain truck flip over blocking traffic for many miles. To drive behind a guy throwing up outside his car for what seemed like forever. What the hell did he eat that was so green?

All in all it was a very memorable drive up to Agra and probably the craziest 6 hour span of our lives. India is truly a country of contrasts and while we had moments that scared the crap out of us today we also had a lot of fun on the journey. Tomorrow we head to the Taj!

A party to go.  Balloons and 20 of his closest friends in one rickshaw


This guy showed amazing balance


Right after Meg took this photo the guy holding the monkey demanded money and when we said no he forcibly opened her door. We had to slam the door on his hand and yell at him until he left us alone.  His buddy the cobra charmer was busy pounding on my window. Crazy.


We took a break from the traffic to enjoy a tour of the Jai Guru Dev Temple


These guys climbed to the top of the towers on the most rickety hand made ladders you have ever seen
Another stop, this time at the Sikandra Fort very close to Agra.



After a long journey we got to enjoy this amazing view from our hotel room balcony.  Tomorrow we go for a much closer look.

One thought on “The road to Agra is paved with good intentions

  1. Looks like it’s no India for me- sounds very scary and yuck- I think the only way I can go to the Taj Mahal is by helicopter!! Just like Barbara Walters did!

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