Day One – Sleep!

On our first day, we had hopes of wandering the grounds, hand-in-hand, admiring the views. We imagined drinks by the pool and an evening filled with dinning and talking ’till night. But in reality, our first day saw more of the backs of our eyelids than the anything else! After a wonderful day of rest, and a delicious traditional Indian meal for lunch (okay, and maybe another nap), I finally had the energy to wander the grounds of the hotel and get some photos of the true beauty of this place.

The Trident Hotel in Gurgaon is stunning and awesome in size and beauty.  And next time I’ll make sure to take photos in the day 🙂

These gorgeous lanterns are scattered throughout the property


They illuminate the stairways


And make for pretty cool photos


The entrance of the hotel is mirrored by one of the hotel’s many reflecting pools


And, of course, fire is always pretty sweet


Connected to our hotel is another extravagant hotel called the Oberoi. I am in complete awe of these hotels, I don’t think I have ever seen (let alone slept in!) such a luxurious place


That’s all we could do today, but tomorrow we head to Agra to see the Taj Mahal! Stay tuned for more photos of our adventure in India!


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