Valentine’s Day In Paradise

To celebrate Valentine’s day Meg and I specialized in doing nothing all day.  We lounged around our villa the entire day.  Room service for breakfast and room service for lunch.  It was the most wonderfully relaxing day of our trip so far.  I even read an entire book and I wasn’t sure I knew how to read anymore.

Here is a picture of Meg exerting herself by today’s standards


And since we did nothing but hang around our villa I thought I should capture what this place looks like.  Here is a pretty bad video of a wonderful paradise escape.  And who is that nasally guy doing the narration?

We did motivate enough to head out on the town for dinner.  Meg found us an amazing Italian restaurant and I must admit it was a nice break from Thai food for me.  I think Meg would have been happy with another green or red curry.

And doesn’t she look amazing in that dress!



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